Working Mothers Have Style, Why Not?

April 22nd, 2013
working mother

working mother

Nowadays we see a lot of housewives who are also career women. They are must be busy because they have two worlds together, not a few of them in the afternoon to attend board meetings and in the evening meetings of parents in their child’s school. They are usually easily identified by its appearance. The working mothers have little time, they must be good at set time and be practical, including in terms of mix and match clothing. Here are some things that can help working mothers to save time in the dress:

1. Subtract one-piece dress

Should not be too much to buy dress, jumpsuit, fashion one piece or the other because you can only wear it occasionally. People will instantly recognize when you are wearing one-piece. One time use, and you should immediately wash the clothes, rarely can be worn many times.

2. Blazer and Jacket

Blazer and formal jackets are a great way to create a professional impression on the skirt or pants. The surplus if you replace subordinates with jeans or leggings, blazer or jacket would be directly visible fun and chic. Choose a jacket or blazer with a single color (solid), intersecting the body fit, and without much detail. Invest in different lengths. Worn as outer jacket can be worn many times if the clothes you wear on it is different.

3. Skirt

Skirts are a professional fashion is important and must be owned. A little motif on the skirt is not a problem. Make sure you can mix and match clothing with other clothing you have. We recommend that you choose a skirt with a medium size, not too short, but not too long. You want to be able to move freely without having to worry will be lifted skirt because it was too short or hard to move because it was too long.

4. Pants

Choose a pair of one color (solid). Choose safe colors with corresponding pieces shape, such as boot cut or wide-leg will look chic when paired with a denim jacket, windbreaker, blazer, and so on. Khaki pants are also easily mix and match, but do not be too thin because it can leave an impression attached to curves or deposition of fat in the hips and buttocks, especially in the VPL (Visible Panty Line).

5. Blouses / tops beautiful

Select blouses or tops with variations on the sleeves and minimal interesting details so you can also move around freely while taking care of kids running around or ask for help to wear a seat belt in the back seat. Sleeves too long with bell models will make it difficult to move when it comes to doing things like that.

6. Cardigans

Cardigan with all models of shape neck, either V-neck or scoop neck will help you to move around and look attractive. Rather than buying a sweater that can only be worn once in a while and difficult treatment, the cardigan is the best choice.

7. Large handbag

Large handbag will help you bring a lot of stuff, ranging from purses, makeup, comb, cell phone, agenda, as well as wet wipes, dry wipes, and baby necessities. Make sure the handbag is strong enough to carry the stuff but also the style when taken to meet clients.

8. Jewelry

Jewelry is the little things that make a woman look beautiful in a flash. Earrings, necklaces, and watches are not made of similar design, provided that the material is the same color, such as silver or gold is enough. Choose the design is simple and elegant. No need to buy a bracelet too large and sound every time you move so it is not noisy.

9. Stocking

If you like to use the stockings, then you should always keep a backup of new stockings at home and in the office. You never know what events will make holes in your stockings. This is the most embarrassing thing because it makes you look not a concern.

11. Scarf

Scarf is also a sweet option to add a beautiful impression. Can be attached to the bag, the neck, or close your hair on a hot day. Make sure the color is quite safe paired with the clothes you wear.

12. Note the material

You know your daily activities will be high, often you will sweat. Make sure your clothes are made of materials that absorb sweat. For daily wear to avoid buying clothes with the tag “Dry Clean Only”. Type of clothing “Dry Clean Only” will take time to clean and the price is not cheap. Clothing with a symbol like that could only be worn occasionally, especially during formal events.

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