Wedges square shape for beautiful legs

May 18th, 2014
Rectangle Shoes

Rectangle Shoes

Do you include people who like wedges ? Some women always travel with high heels like stilettos or wedges . Even some of them like the unique design of shoes that appear to be different from others when attending an event . What if a square shape wedges ? What are you interested in ?

Students design origin Czech Republic , Maria Nina Vaclavek , released wedges with a rectangular shape that will make a woman’s legs look sexier . Rectangular shape contrasts with the slender arch of the foot , especially for tall women .

Shoes with the name ‘ Rectangle Shoes ‘ was claimed comfortable to wear for traveling. Wedges also has a height similar rights as other high heels , it’s just in a unique form . Black and beige wedges was inspired by the shoes of people in pre – history .

Maria explained that the pre – history of living in a cave made ??from animal skins and shoe trees . Shoes look nice but not to be used to protect the skin and scratches when you’re hunting animals .

Square shoe designs that make creative student Shoe and Fashion Accessories Sutnar do Ladislav Faculty of Art and Design , University of West Bohemia Design Talent award was won in 2013 . Creative and innovative design make it a winner first .

Mary was sure that his work will not be square wedges make women difficult to walk . Shoes remain comfortable everyday use . Besides being more familiar with the history of the past , these shoes will also protect your feet . Interested wear ?

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