Wearing a shirt and pants trick Motif For Women

July 31st, 2015

Trik Memakai Baju dan Celana Motif Untuk Wanita

Summer is difficult to remove the smell things fashion. Fashion style, fashion sale, fashion trends, and much more. Fashion style that is loved in the summer time is the summer prints, or patterned clothing.

However, following the trend of the summer is not easy for those who have a body contains. Various conditions must be complied with, that you still look beautiful, fashionable, and not the more visible lists.

Still confused by the terms of use summer prints for women? Follow these tips yuk Ladies :

  • The main key in a hit-motif is the portion of the balance. As the basic knowledge, you can try using small motifs to subordinates, and greater motive to superiors. But be careful in choosing a motif and color blends yes. Motifs that are too large can make you look fuller.

  • Rounding out hit-motif, a pattern of lines and flowers to create a beautiful combination. And specials for women lists, choose a chevron motif for the choice of stripes. His motives are as pointing downwards will make your body look slim, and reinforce the shape of your curves.
  • Wearing a jumpsuit often makes your body look fuller. However, with a choice of dark colors, simple patterns, as well as models that also simple jumpsuit will make you look taller and slimmer.
  • When you’re eventually going to buy clothes with summer motif prints, do not forget to pay attention to detail on the clothes. Choose clothing with specific detail that can make you look slimmer, for example by theme color┬áblocked, which gave the impression like a belt in dress above.
  • Pick a motif and color that you like, but do not forget the rules. Do not let the body contains hinder you to appear fashionable, Ladies.

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