Washing Denim Material

July 14th, 2017


Denim clothes are popular with everyone, old and young. The look is casual and comfortable to wear. To wash the denim is not easy, wrong washing can cause the color faded and the shape changes. It is not advisable to wash denim with washing machine because it can change the shape, color, and character, unique denim. That’s why many denim lovers choose not to wash it for at least 6 months after it is purchased.

Unfortunately, if not washed for months, this denim clothing can cause odors. Especially after often used, sweat, dust and oil can also settle and cause odor.

Here are some recommended ways to clean the denim material without using a washing machine or washed by hand:

1. Wear acetic acid (vinegar)
Although often used as a complement to cuisine, it turns out vinegar can also be used as a denim detergent. Add half a cup of vinegar to cold water and soak the denim for about half an hour.
Unlike the soap that will make the original color of faded denim, vinegar will retain the denim color and clean it. Do not worry about the smell because the scent will disappear after dry denim.

2. Wind-aired
High temperatures can make denim shrivel up, so it is highly advisable to put denim on the dryer. Should hang jeans in places that are not exposed to direct sunlight and wind-aired.

3. Wear water vapor
Never wash denim with warm water because it can make this material shrink. We recommend using water vapor. If you often bathe using warm water from the shower, hang your trousers or denim jacket in the bathroom so that the water vapor will be absorbed. This way will keep the denim material fresh until long.

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