Want to add your happy mood, wear Clothing Color Bright

December 9th, 2014
Bright color cloth

Bright color cloth

Many people are not confident using brightly colored clothes with reason to worry the center of attention, fear of looking like a ‘clown, and others. Most people also prefer the ‘color safe’ with neutral or dark color clothing such as black, brown, navy, white or gray. And if little had the courage to be different with bright color clothes can have a positive impact on health.

Bright color clothing

For example, when looking at the warm shades and bright colors like pink, orange or yellow, the brain releases dopamine, which is known as the ‘happy hormone’. This hormone can increase positive mood, more alert and even increase sexual arousal. While cool colors like blue and green will trigger the release of the hormone oxytocin which makes quieter mood.

Blending bright color clothing in one outfit at a time is a bit tricky, if not clever coherent padannya can make you look a mess. You also do not need to wear colorful clothing from top to bottom. Bright colors can be combined with the basic colors or dark, or just as an accent on the clothing.

1. Bright Red-Burgundy
Bright red or scarlet associated with hot temperatures, so that the color is the ‘hottest’ in the group of the color spectrum. Scarlet color also trigger the pituitary and adrenal glands that helps increase metabolism. Another plus, the color of bright red and dark purple fit with almost any skin tone and hair color. It is suitable when combined with dark colors to seem more elegant and flamboyant.

2. Green-Red
The combination of green and red is never wrong, even more so in the moment welcome Christmas on 25 December. In a ‘portion’ small, red and green make you look more fresh and stylish as long as no one in the combine. Wearing a red blouse with green pants can make you like fairies Santa Claus, but combines a green dress with red accessories like necklace, brooch or scarf will make more stand-out performance in a positive sense.

3. Cyan
Mixed color between blue and green light is also compatible with almost all skin tones and helps make the skin look brighter complexion. Numerous studies show that wearing a bluish or saw anything can trigger the brain to release oxytocin. This hormone is soothing to fit subjected to overcome angry, upset or stress.

4. Fuchsia
The color pink is often associated with femininity and youth, making it suitable worn middle-aged women to look more fresh. But that does not mean women and young teens can not wear this color because pink is actually fitting worn all ages. The study also showed that men prefer to see women dressed in pink than the other colors, because pink is a color that is closest to the skin tone.

5. Mustard
Palette of bright yellow with a touch of earthy could brighten skin tone looks gray because of the age of aging. You could say, mustard is the color ‘black’ it for the women and men who have reached middle age. Mustard can be combined with shades of khaki and gold accessories.

6. Purple
Such as blue, the color of which implies elegance also has a calming effect. Purple can overcome that feeling tense or tired of being quieter. Pair of purple with yellow, because based on the research of this color can trigger feelings of pleasure.

7. Blue Light
Bright cobalt blue color or suit worn all skin colors. In addition, because of its strong, bright blue to disguise dark circles under the eyes in a way to distract people from the area.

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