Various Kinds of Women Dress

July 7th, 2015

macam dress

In day-to-day activities, the women often attend many events with various dresscode. To that end, women need to have a mandatory dress that are specific to each event.

Various kinds of dress now has a certain style with the intended use that you must have. What are they? Check out his review below :

  • Dress employment
    Although the office does not pick dresscode, of course, you will be pleased if it has a sheath dress. This outfit is suitable to be worn during important presentations.
  • Maxi dress
    For everyday style instead of jeans, maxi dress is a perfect alternative. Besides comfortable to use, the maxi dress is also very ideal to stack with or outer force.

  • Dress sweater
    When the weather gets cold, you can stay in style with a sweater dress. Matching with boots and tights for attractive style.
  • Formal Dress
    Formal dress can be worn for many events. Ranging from weddings, formal dinners and special events. Formal or formal dress is a dress right choice.
  • Sundress
    Dress is perfect for use not only in summer, but also able to create a perfect look whenever worn appearance. Sundress assets capable of framing your body well, especially when paired with flat shoes or heels in every season.
  • Cocktail dress
    For special events that do not require formal dress, cocktail dress is the right choice. You can wear a cocktail dress that can be worn for dinner or party at night.
  • Little black dress (LBD)
    Every woman should have a LBD closet. This dress can be fancy or casual order though. In addition, the LBD can be used as a celebration or mourning for the event.

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