Trends in Various Item Fashion Fringe

September 29th, 2015

Tren Fringe di Berbagai Item FesyenThere are different trends in the style of dress that had been developed. However, still fringe fashion trends become popular until now.

Fringe itself now comes in a variety of fashion items. Among them like tops, outerwear, skirts, bags, and shoes.

Here is a full review on the fringe of fashion items, as follows.

  • Tops fringe
    Using fringe accented boss requires prudence. Because, if one of the wear will make you look like Western cowboy end. Therefore, the key to using fringe superiors and subordinates are simple, such as jeans or a pencil skirt.
  • Outerwear fringe
    One of the fringe accented fashion item that can make you look chicadalah outerwear. Choose a simple outerwear with down. Then tone color, mix with a plain tank top and skinny jeans.

  • Fringe skirt
    Similarly, the boss, when using fringe skirt accented important to combine it with the boss more structured and simple, like a buttoned blouse or T-shirt with a plain color. With the right boss, can create your appearance to be chic and beautiful.
  • Fringe bag
    Leather bag was the middle of the current trend. However, not least with a leather bag, bag accented fringe is still a trend until now. To get the look casual yet chic, wear fringe bag.
  • Shoes fringe
    Not only clothing and bags, fringe accents were also present at the shoe. Of course you should avoid clothes and bags with fringe accents so as not to give the impression accumulate.

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