Top Australian Fashion Blog You Should Check

March 25th, 2015

So you’re one of those whom really love fashion and everything that related to it? Well, going online will give you access to much broader fashion ideas and inspirations to explore. With millions of active websites out there focused in discussing about fashion, the chance is that you will have some things new to explore each time you go online. You will never run out of great inspirations and ideas to try and experiment with, especially if you need some ideas for occasional fashion or every day wear.

And among so many great websites you can go for ideas and inspirations, you can try as starting point. This fashion blog is created and managed personally by Marina de Giovanni, an Australian former event manager whom converted into a full-time fashion blogger. Through the blog, she will show you various great fashion ideas, either it’s about the outfits, fashion accessories, fashion travelling, and many more. Here you will be able to learn more about Marina as well as also her insight related to the latest fashion trend and tips. Here readers will also encouraged to discuss about many things about latest fashion design, various great places fashion lovers should visit, and even some tips related to fashion world.

The website is really interesting due to the fact that Marina always posted all her thoughts and opinions about everything, mostly related to fashion world. That way, we will know the real person behind the scene and all his personal thoughts and ideas, than knowing the designer through her fashion products and design.

And thanks to Marina as she had successfully showed us that being a fashion addict can be a fun activity to do, and erase the popular opinion that to be a designer one has to go through the hassle and rush hours every day to work on certain fashion projects. Visit Not A Model blog and enjoy your time exploring everything the author had shared through every page of it. So you want to check the top Australian Fashion and Beauty Bloggers online? Well, can be a good place to start with.

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