To My Closet: New App that Every Fashion Lover Should Have

March 25th, 2015


Modern technology has never failed to amaze us with something new and exciting being discovered in every day. You will be surprised to know there are hundreds of new exciting apps being released by developers all around the world. Some of them might be truly appealing to your personal taste and needs. And if you are one of those fashion lovers whom demanded simplicity in finding and purchasing fashion products as you go, then we’d recommend you to try To My Closet app. This free app is designed by Brazilian developer aiming to help fellow fashion enthusiasts around the globe. And more surprisingly the app had achieved millions of downloads since the first time it launched to app market, which shows how the app is really needed by many people out there.

So what is the app all about? And how it works? To My Closet is all about encouraging the users to create and manage their dream virtual closet. Once the app is installed and activated on a device, the users will then be able to view the runaway show and exhibition of hundreds new fashion collections that includes dresses, pants, and even accessories. And here, the users will be able to choose any of these items they like from the collections and to put it automatically to their virtual closet. In other hand, if they dislike something, they may just simply throw it to the virtual trash can available and will never see it again in the future.

Until today, there are more than a half millions of fashion products are enlisted on the database, with more to come. That means users will technically have unlimited options of items to explore and observe each time they log into To My Closet app. As it stated by the app developer itself, the To My Closet app is intended to allow people get similar experience as they explored a fashion mall where thousands of products and items are easily accessible and selectable according to their personal taste and need.

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