Tips & Tricks Dressed To Face Job Interview

May 21st, 2015

berpakaian rapi saat interview

Success in the face of job interview is not only determined by how well answering questions asked by the interviewer during a job interview. Another thing is your appearance does matter.

Appearance means that how you dress when attending a job interview. For those of you who are still confused how good dress during a job interview to make the interviewer was impressed, here are some tips and tricks that you should consider.

First tip is to ask the company HRD outfit to wear on a job interview, especially if you are really not sure and clueless with what clothes you should wear. HRD companies will give some clues about the clothes you should wear during a job interview so that you are not one of the costumes.

Next, pay attention to the cleanliness of your clothing. Cleanliness does not only mean that ladies wash before you wear outfit. It also means that you are also ironing your clothes properly so it looks neat and unwrinkled.

Note also the cleanliness of yourself. For example, cut your nails and polish your shoes properly so it looks clean and shiny. No body odor, too, for sure.

Equally important is to note the color choice of outfit that you will wear in a job interview. Do not wear clothing with striking colors. To wear a suit with a neutral color, such as black, blue, or gray. Shocking pink? We’d rather say no!

Next point, note the accessories that complement your outfit. Such as by page today, com, ladies wear accessories that will have to demonstrate your professionalism. This means that do not wear excessive jewelry. Do not forget to wear nail polish colors. Also, say no to perfume. If the ladies concerned about the odor, then it’s good if you sprayed a little perfume to smell soft.

Another thing to consider in choosing the outfit for a job interview is your confidence level when wearing these clothes. If the ladies feel less comfortable and confident with the clothes that you want to use, then it is better not to use. Make sure that the ladies wear clothes that reflect your self and increase your confidence when facing the interviewer.

Tips latter, comfortable outfit does not have to be expensive. No need to spend in-in to purchase outfit for a job interview. The point is, you wear a comfortable outfit and make you confident.

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