Tips to treat the skin for a natural white

December 15th, 2014
face treatment

face treatment

Perhaps the reason to appear confident a particularly women are always trying to look as perfect as possible. particularly women, in addition to having a slim body shape and beautiful, healthy skin can affect to the appearance. So have white skin, smooth, beautiful, and healthy would be a dream for someone to appear more confident.

Here are some tips or how to whiten skin naturally capable of producing maximum care if done regularly. besides these ways safer or healthier and relatively cheap price, because this skin care using traditional way with traditional materials as well. and keep in mind the level of whiteness of skin that can be achieved also adjust the base color of your skin.

First: Whiten face with Lime Natural
In addition to be used as a beverage or food flavoring, lemon juice can also be utilized to help whiten skin by rubbing lemon slices on the body part you want skin looks white, like the face and of course who have acne scars.

Second: Whiten face with banana and honey
Take one fruit banana, peel and mash until smooth. Add one teaspoon of honey and mix well. Apply to all parts of the face including the neck and leave on for 15 minutes and after that you wash with cold water. This is tantamount to the term make a face mask with banana and honey. Do this routine once a day and produce skin will look whiter and smoother.

Third: Whiten face with fruit Avocado
Avocado fruit contains minerals, vitamins and oils that can help you to whiten and memperkencang skin. You can use the inner bark of avocados are able to protect the moisture on the skin. oles and rub gently on the face that wants to look whiter, and wash with water after 10 minutes.

Fourth: Whiten face with Bengkoang
You can use masks and scrubs from bengkoang to soften and whiten your skin. Because there is a natural calcium yam and has vitamins, which can make your skin more healthy, white, clean and fresh.

Hopefully the above information useful for you, good luck.

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