Tips to avoid being seen old Wear Clothing Weaving

March 4th, 2015


The original production of woven fabrics manually Indonesia in the production of woven fabric or home so very nice and beautiful.

Weaving is increasingly modern and ancient memorable. Nevertheless, there are still many who feel old look when wearing weaves.


According to the designers and fashion entrepreneurs woven fabric, Wignyo Rahadi, it is because that choice does not fit between the woven fabric and the wearer. Required a certain understanding that the use of weaving into a more modern and attractive.

“If people wear weaves but looks older, that means he can not mixing and matching it with the right. Mix and match as heavy as the brown color, it makes us look old, “said Wignyo Rahadi.

Nevertheless, Wignyo also added that the dark colors do not always look old. With the right combination of colors, the display style of weaving a person will be more refreshed and your skin color looks brighter.

“If the boss has a brightly colored, automatic bounce into the skin better. Not that dark colors are not appropriate for those with darker complexions “concluded the First Chairman of Indonesian Fashion Designers Association (APPMI) this.

If the woven fabric is formed into garments will look formal and special and will give charisma to the wearer. If you are to Indonesia, Bali, Lombok, Sumatra, or other areas, then you can buy it from the weaver directly, ask your guide to be directed straight to the weavers.

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