Tips on Choosing Colors Clothing

August 24th, 2011
mix of colors

mix of colors

Perhaps many people do not think of the color conformity in the selection of clothing. They assume that they can wear any color as long as they like, comfortable and look good for them.

Of course this is not wrong. But in terms of interaction, we must also consider other aspects of the judgment.

One of the most important in a dress is the selection of the proper color of clothing, but not just a simple match the color superiors, subordinates or other parts. We need to know what the appropriate color combination with each other.

For proficient in this case, we need to know the basic knowledge about color. Actually we never get this knowledge as we are still in elementary school, in art lessons. I myself, although not good at drawing, but I like when learning about colors and mixing.

But for those of you who are less interested in learning and remembering back, here are simple tips in choosing the color of clothing:

1. Do not use more than 3 colors clothes. This is the most important rule.

2. Wear the right colors with your skin. If your skin is dark, wear color – the color
bright like white, beige, gray or baby blue. For white skin, color options that can be
use more. You can wear a soft or pastel colors.

3. Do not wear pants with bright colors. Such as red, yellow or orange. wear
neutral colors or dark. Avoid too combine gray with bright colors like yellow.

4. Adjust the color of dress to the time and place. Dark colors for formal events. While bright colors for informal events.

5. Wear a belt with the same color shoes. If your shoes are black, also wear a black belt.

So before you go out and want to look nice, first consider these five tips for choosing colors
clothes on.

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