Tips for Choosing a Form Frame Glasses Face Shape Match

June 25th, 2015

Tips Memilih Bentuk Frame Kacamata Sesuai Bentuk Wajah

Glasses are viewing aids for those who have problems with eyesight. Not only that glasses apparently also evolved as one fashion item that is favored by many people. In addition to protecting from the sun, sunglasses are also very useful to support the appearance.

But lest you be tempted to buy the glasses that are trends. You must know the correct eyeglass frames that fit the shape of your face. One vote glasses will impact on your appearance.

Let’s find out the shape of glasses that fit your face only in the pages of the following:

  • This oval-shaped face appear longer than it is wide. Oval-faced people will have a forehead that is wider than the jaw and chin. People with oval faces are free to choose glasses with any frame model. Oval-faced person is more likely to choose the form of glasses because it is not so affected. You can freely choose any glasses with frames, but rectangular glasses with a gentle curve angle is the best. Also avoid wearing frames that are too big.

  • Rectangular face is characterized by a square chin. Oval face shape and not too wide. The best sunglasses for a square face is wide glasses. Choose a large frame with a variety of decorations. Avoid choosing frames that are too small because it will not match the facial features.
  • Heart face shape is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Heart face has a characteristic rounded slightly tapered chin and forehead. Heart-faced people choose eyeglass frames will fit small round datau square glasses with bright colors. Avoid choosing sunglasses with frames filled with decorative.
  • This face is characterized by a round from chin to forehead and not angled. For it would be better to choose glasses that angle. Choose glasses that narrow and rectangular. It will make a round face sharper character. Rectangular frame will make the face look slimmer. You should also avoid frames that are too small.

Similarly, information about Fashion Tips On Choosing Glasses Frame Shape Face Shape Match, May be useful for you.

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