Tips Eyebrow Not Easy Fade

August 20th, 2015

Tips Alis Tidak Mudah Pudar

USE eyebrow make-up has become an important part for women. With the right eyebrow shaping a woman’s face will look more beautiful.

However, daily activities such as sweating and washing your face can make eyebrows easily fade. If you want to brow durable and does not fade even sweat, consider the following review as follows:

  • The first stage. Use eyeliner pencil to color the eyebrows. Because eyeliner pencil is more durable than a hard day with an eyebrow pencil. You can use brown eyeliner pencil to color your eyebrows.
  • The second stage. Shape eyebrows using eyebrow gel anti-water. Eyebrow gel is suitable for you who like to shape eyebrows because it is not easy to fade even if exposed to water. In addition, by forming the eyebrows using eyebrow gel, your eyebrows will look firmer. Do not forget to brush your brows using a brow brush after eyebrow gel, this will make the eyebrows look more natural.

  • The third stage. This is a trick that no eyebrows are not easily fade. You just clapped a little powder on the brow with a brush.

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