Tips Cool Fashionable Appearance

August 11th, 2015

Tips Penampilan Keren Fashionable

Fashion is one thing that is closely related to the daily life of modern women. Always evolving and never run out of innovation, fashion is also the subject of endless discussion. Including in terms of fashion advice, or advice fashion. You would often read in various media, on the advice of dress, or just fashion news. Listen yuk, and Ladies, this is important for you to know!

1. Cycle trend is moving very fast, without any new trends that can last a long entry is then replaced by a new trend again. So you need not bother about it. Fashion market is wide open, so you can certainly find a fashion item you want, if you want to try to get it.

2. The shape of the body is not decisive fashion item is suitable or not for you. If the item is the size fitting fashion, and seemed appropriate for you, then the size and shape of your body is not a big problem. Of course, certain clothing will look different when used by a thin woman, with a woman shows, however any kind, good clothes should be worn by all body shapes, with slight differences in usage.

3. Confidence will make all the clothes look good. It is true, if you feel comfortable with what you wear, you’ll look gorgeous. But in fact, even if you are very confident wearing your favorite dress, the dress will still look “less beautiful” if tangled, especially if your hair is a mess. So, you try to appear “perfect”, in you also pay attention to small details.

4. People will only know your clothes cheap, if you tell him. Some of the leading brands that are well known with good quality and high prices, tends to put a high price, including on clothing with regular models. And conversely, if you have a good fashion sense, you certainly have the ability to find great fashion items at bargain prices.

5. Other Logo will make the item look cheap. Well, it’s a bag of your favorite expensive, with a row of logos plastered all parts of the bag. You may wear it for reasons you love it, not because you want to show off the brand. And, according to experts of fashion, fashion items with fewer brand statement always seem more attractive and looks expensive.

6. Fashion was about to follow the trend, but the style was about what looks good to you, and make you comfortable sticking with the style. As I’ve said before, there will be no end if you follow the trends. However style, which is often a reflection of teak am left that you must follow.

7. The size of fitting. One thing that makes you look attractive with a particular outfit is if the size fits. In terms of the size is the size of your body. It would be very easy if you want to change clothing size becomes smaller, but to make it bigger, is somewhat difficult to yes.

8. Shopping is not the answer. New trends, new collection, always make you want to shop and shopping. But did you know that the fashion experts should feel that shopping is not the right solution? The right solution for you to feel “pretty” with what you have is with no mixing functions of your clothes. For example, separate between working clothes, clothes for walks, and garments for at home, and never be exchanged.

9. Selective in buying clothes, and the price! Simply put like this, your jeans, will not be too visible stand, even if you buy it at the price of millions. So, spend a little more money to buy a simple fashion items, such as jeans, t-shirt, cardigan. And if you want to buy an expensive item, choose decent stuff, for example, dresses with floral limited edition, or a beautiful lace skirt output renowned designers.

10. You can change your perception of a way to change your appearance. If you feel unfairly because most people judge your identity from the way you dress everyday, why not try to alter the appearance in accordance with the identity of those who want to be seen? But it all comes back again to yourself.

Well, Ladies, now we are so much more to know about fashion, or perhaps the above statement to change your view of this? Style is synonymous with fashion, but both are different things.

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