Tips Change Bags Display

June 30th, 2015

Trik Mengubah Tas

Speaking of bags, it is common knowledge that nearly every woman would be interested when they hear the word “bag”. Bag, perhaps also one of the fashion items to your collection. Even the bags began to be used as investment goods, because of beautiful bags, with the most famous brands are sold at exorbitant prices, because they are made of materials with good quality, as well as non-market models.

Model bags are often owned by every woman is a classic model. Simple, can be used anywhere and timeless. But have you ever felt the look of your classic bag looks dull?

Here are tips that you can follow to make your classic bag look more attractive, such as the following:

  • If you like things that are funny and unique, it is suitable for your creations. You can add a large hanger-shaped doll, or feathers, or other forms of hangers according to your taste. Your bag will look more attractive and cute.

  • The creation of this bag is suitable for you who like to play with numbers, letters or pictures. You can attach the sticker to suit your taste, such as the initials of your name, or your lucky number. The motive now make your bag more interesting and not boring.
  • You simply tie a rope silky scarf in your bag. And tada, your bag instantly becomes more beautiful. It is a creation of the easiest for you to try. Choose scarf with unique motifs, but still suit your taste.
  • You do not have to install a key ring on the inside of your bag. You can also set it up on the outside, for example in your bag strap. Choose a long chain, accented with unique, make it more interesting.

Not hard right? Besides the material needed to change the look of your bag are also affordable. Keen to give it a try? Hope it is useful.

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