Tips Appearance Cool When Hot Air

June 3rd, 2015

baju musim panas

Are you ready for summer? Have started entering the summer ya, Ladies. Does not mean we are so shut up at home, you know. Although heat, must still look fashionable dong? It must-have-items for the summer, as follows.

Check your closet, already have this yet?

Plain white T-shirt. Besides suitable to match with a variety of reports, this one fashion item that will give the impression of more cold and simple, so it will not look too in hot weather.

Slouchy Sweater. Despite the heat, you can still wear a sweater. Choose loose and slouchy sweater made from lightweight, then matching with trousers or short skirts.

Over sized Tee. The hot weather is more comfortable wearing loose clothing yes, Ladies? Over sized Tee You can also paired with shorts for a more fresh and relaxed impression.

Tank Top Black. Ladies must have fashion item this one right? Can be paired with a variety of colorful subordinates. If less confident, add a thin cardigan as outer.

Shorts. One fashion item that is in addition to convenient, also very fashionable, you know. Very easily paired with a variety of tops. It is also lighter subjected to hot weather.

Well, come on, began to check the contents of the closet, and mix and match your collection to keep it looking fresh. Congratulations creative, Ladies.

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