The Most Happening Hotel and Resort Area in Atlantic City

October 27th, 2018

When it comes to dealing with new innovations, there seems to be no end for Coastal Tech Hub. Despite how great Coastal Tech Hub has actually been, it’s still possible for some of you not to really know about it. Coastal Tech Hub is a kind of company and it’s really successful in coping with various projects related to property. It has done some great works like hotels, condos, resorts, offices, and restaurants. But, if you think this company is only about properties, you’re wrong. Coastal Tech Hub has also been actively involved in music business.

Jerry Wonda is one of the most famous artists under Coastal Tech Hub. Now, is there any of you who doesn’t know about Jerry Wonda. We’re talking about an artist who has worked with tons of famous other musicians including Carlos Santana, Shakira, Justin Bieber, and many more. And thanks to his awesome works, Jerry has been awarded with three Grammys. Then, what kind of innovation is trying to be done by Coastal Tech Hub? Well, we’re talking about a great and awesome development project which values about 1.6 million dollar. Inside that project, there are some fantastic hotel and resort. The area being occupied for such project is about 25 acres. And if you think there are only hotel and resort, you’re wrong because some of that area is occupied by business space which provides office and meeting space.

In total, the business space covers 162k square feet. In addition to the business space, there’s restaurant space which can provide 10 restaurants at once and they occupy 35k square feet of dining space. As for the hotel area, there are 11 exclusive beach acres being included in the hotel space. By keeping the scale of the innovation in mind, there’s no wonder if people call it as the most happening hotel and resort area in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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