Summer Body Chains

July 29th, 2015

In summer having many accessories will just make you feel even warmer, plus you might just get a weird tan with watches bracelets and rings. I bet you can also remember the ugly tan-socks we all had at one time. So in summer accessories and jewelry should be limited for your own comfort especially during the day.

Still there is another option to consider if you want to embellish yourself while at the beach. Sure, you can wear earrings because they might not leave a weird tan mark, but they may be uncomfortable especially if they are big. Plus if you play any beach sports, these are out of the question.

Body chains are the summer’s highlights when it comes to bling blings. Being so thin they will not leave a tan line, plus they look really amazing and sexy. There are so many different design you can choose from, but the bottom line is to see what look nice on your body type. Simpler designs are more popular and easy to match.

You can even get it under a crop top and ripped jeans, not just over the swimsuit. It can also be mixed with a simple yet stylish evening dress especially if it has an open back or deep front. Still you should wear it under the garments not over them.

The body chain should be considered a subtle piece of jewelry so any opulent designs shouldn’t be approached because they might look cheap.

Silver, gold thin Body chains with one or more layers are the most popular pieces. They can either have metallic charms, beads, pearls or crystal beads. You should pick your body chain according to your own style and of course comfort. Trying it on before or even finding an adjustable version is the best thing to do especially if you want to invest in a fine piece of jewelry.

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