Style Queen of Spain, Letizia

July 1st, 2014


When talking about the royal family are stylish, maybe our minds will directly lead to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. But now, there are other fashion icons of the royal family, specifically the new queen of Spain, Letizia. Having a beautiful face and fashion sense are simple, elegant, stylish make its presence always steal the show. Although initially always equated with Kate, but Letizia has her own personal style. Like what Letizia appearance that always looks stylish on various occasions?

coat dress

1. Coat Dress
Just like Kate Middleton is often performed with a long coat that looks like a dress, so did the Queen Letizia. Letizia looks graceful and elegant white coat studded with rocks sequins on the neckline designer Felipe Varela. Alloys with the clutch and pump shoes nude color makes this one look can be an inspiration to you go to a formal party or to the office.


2. Jumpsuit
In one occasion, Letizia looked more like fashionista than a royal queen who seemed stiff and formal. The stylish appearance of jumpuit made ??from silk that looks luxurious as well as their counterparts with a metallic belt from Hugo Boss. Peep-toe shoes with laser cut detail and clutch complete the contemporary appearance.

Lovely in Lace

3. Lovely in Lace
The Queen looks so feminine and pretty with a dress made ??of lace color light gray. For the lady of the match, clutch and matching color high heels become the perfect choice.


4. LBD
Still with a touch of lace, this time Little Black Dress with off-shoulder necklines or Sabrina, from brocade makes Letizia look beautiful. Alloys with pump shoes and shiny satin clutch, add a formal feel to the look of this one.

Belt it

5. Belt It
Glance appear similar to the style of Kate Middleton is still stylish and sophisticated with a simple solid match. Such as a red dress, the color looks gorgeous on the skin Letizia. Game accessory with color thin belt with matching nude shoes, making the display look different. The style of this one could also be an option for you to go to the office.

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