Some Rules of Wearing Clothes Party Victoria Beckham style

February 7th, 2013
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham

Designers as well as fashion icons, Victoria Beckham always looks totally in every opportunity, especially when attending red carpet events. The style of dress that ‘effortlessly elegant’ make Victorian costume never wrong.

As quoted from the magazine’s website Net-a-porter, the wife of David Beckham’s share tips and tricks while wearing a party dress. Starting from the selection of dresses to matching the right accessories. What kind of style rules to attend a party Victoria Beckham style?

1. Choose Display Simple
“If you go to an event straight from work, change the appearance of wearing a small clutch bag, a gold bracelet and a pair of high heels,” said Victoria. Mother of four children suggested that choosing such a simple silhouette dress that Little Black Dress (LBD) that can be worn in the daytime as well as night.

2. Do not underestimate Clutch Bag
“For the evening event, the bag must be present with a small size and taken as Clucths, but big enough to carry lip gloss and cell phones. Choose one of two styles: slim silhouette with a bag or purseĀ zippers detailed structural hexagonal shape,” said the former Spice Girls that.

3. Pump Leads wear pointy shoes
According to Victoria, pointy tipped shoes pump will never be the wrong choice. Its versatile pump makes these shoes can be worn during the day and still look beautiful when night. “I never get bored with a chic pointy shoes pump. Shoe was made appearances look fabulous and give the impression level. Shoe was so perfect as comfortable when worn.”

4. More Good ‘under dressed’ Instead of Excessive
“If I am not sure of the dress code party, I opted for a more casual wear. Would be much easier to appear relaxed and then wear clothes with full confidence. During the winter, my evening dress combines a structured coat draped on shoulders , “said Victoria again.

5. Glamour Shown In Maximum
Although advised not appear excessive, Victoria also explained that there is nothing wrong if you look glamorous for occasional maximum. “For a formal event, I often wear a dress appropriate signature. I feel confident if the dress looks perfect from every angle, it is important for a formal event. I pair with heels, best hairstyle and make up, and of course, one of the I design bags. “

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