Shown with Motif Shawls

June 18th, 2015

syal canti

Style scarf is an accessory that can support the display appealing to someone. Especially today, many different motifs matching scarf that can be combined with everyday clothing.

The following display solid match with a stylish patterned scarf that can be your inspiration, as follows :

  • Wear a black dress
    Black dress can give the look chic when combined with a scarf. Pick a zebra or leopard pattern scarf black as alloys. For a bolder look, wear bright red scarf that appears to contrast with the dress you are wearing.

  • Make a skirt
    If you have a large motif scarf. Wrap around your waist like a skirt. This style you can apply when you wear a swimsuit or a bikini on the beach. The result you will look cute with a bandage cloth scarf charming.
  • Add leather jacket
    Pair the scarf with a leather jacket to give an edgy touch to your style. and wearing dress and black stockings as a complement. Choose scarf with tribal motifs were colored, so you look more attractive.

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