Short hairstyles women 2015

March 1st, 2015


Short haircut latest woman is one kind of trend that is now being favored, especially into the early 2015’s a new year. Some women will have a sense of confidence that younger with short hair look. In addition to women who are actively working, it is more practical to have short hair. Some of the other advantages is to have short hair, it will be easier to maintain. Funds spent on taking care of short hair would be more efficient, because the use of shampoos and conditioners are minimal.

These are some reasons people For Choosing Short Hair:

1. Impressed more confidence, so that the majority of women who have short hair will attract more attention.

2.Tampil different, as decided to use short haircuts slightly against the current, where nearly all women are using long and curly hair style.

3. Easy set up, to this point of course, many agree, especially if you are a career woman who claimed to always look neat and timely. With short hair you do not have to bother to download hair clamp.

4. In terms of health, a person who has short hair will allow the scalp to breathe, so it is also good for the health of the scalp.

Model Latest Women Short Hair Styles:


1. Model pixie short hair style
The pixie haircut has a very short piece is almost similar to some of the models hair styles like men. Hairstyle like this have made a difference that can be tilted slightly to one side of the face to accentuate the feminine side. Pixie haircut is made thick at the top and will be thinned at the bottom.


2. Short hair styles trendy and stylish
To get a haircut this model is used to display the method bouffant hair different size to look more attractive. The model resembles the downward-pointing cone, with a length of the top of the neck. Basically, most users of this style of haircut would be great if accompanied by hair coloring with variations golden brown.


3. The short hair style short is sweet
The model’s hair is more often used for k-pop actress. The interface is very sweet and pretty. The hallmark of this hairstyle is no bangs, and made naturally straight hair, so it displays elegant impression.


4. Short hair style bob
This hairstyle if applied to women will be impressed sweet and cute, though short will still make the owner look beautiful and graceful. Hair bob hair style is almost similar to that adopted by policewomen, it’s just more styles to accentuate the volume of hair on one side of the edge of the head. To apply this type of hair can be applied along the shoulders and neck, depending on your liking.


5. Establish short hair is cool copper models
Judging from its name this hairstyle is in favor of women who dare to be different. Slaughtering methods using techniques sasak, so the hair will look disheveled but still interesting. By haircut limited to the neck, upper part of the hair volume will be made thicker than the bottom. It would be interesting if tinged with a golden brown color.


6. Style short hair with long bangs same
The shape of this hairstyle is perfect for women who are active, and will give the impression of a smart and widely used by the students and young people in general.

Even if you have short hair does not mean you do not pay attention to maintenance. Once you decide to choose one type of short haircut which to implement.

Short hair care tips in order to keep its beauty:

• Styling cream
This is indeed one of the hair equipment that is identical to men only, but women with short hair can also use styling cream to make it look neat. Generally styling cream that many in the market is a wax or gel. By using hair gel you can arrange as you wish without worrying unchanged. Because the wax or gel can maintain the shape of your hair.

• Using a scarf
This is one of the points that you still look beautiful and graceful despite having short hair that is synonymous with men. By using your scarf can also be appear attractive, as it can also be used to make hair seem more presentable.

• Hair spray
Hair spray is an alternative for those of you who do not like to use gel or wax. By using hair spray you can form the hair in accordance with the volume that you want, so that in the end will provide comfort and do not make your skin sticky. It is advisable to be careful in its use and not to be on the eyes.

• Highlight
To look more attractive use of color highlights on your short haircut, this will make you look more attractive and beautiful.

Thus some tips latest hairstyles in 2015, hopefully can inspire you to be different and more interesting.

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