SHOE TRENDS 2015: Convenience So Main Focus

February 7th, 2015

shoes trend 2015

Not only clothing products are of concern to the fashionistas. Couture complementary products such as shoes that support the appearance did not go unnoticed.

This foot trimmer product does not escape from the glance of the famous shoe designers such as Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

tren 2015

Of the runway which was held in London, Milan, and Paris, the shoe designer mentions that in 2015 shoe trend is more focused on the comfort of the wearer. Women no longer need to feel guilty if you do not use high heels, since almost all kinds of shoes can be harmonized with the clothing worn.

Designer Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, and Ami Smilovic of Tibi issued a collection of flat shoes, shaped very simple, but comfortable and still look trendy. One Tibi shoes issued to the trend in 2015 is the Gladiator-style lace-up footwear.

Flat shoes with an open model, and winding leather straps that can be tied around the ankle exceed it looks very comfortable.

Although the model is simple, but still look chic combined with evening dress.

Designer Michael Kors also welcome the next year with the launch of Gladiator style shoes but with thick soles, and do not miss to exceed ties wrapped around the ankle.

One designer women’s shoes, Marrisa Webb launched heels with an open model, but far from feminism. Webb’s claim shoe accessories modified with silver spikes style rocker. Display the shoe is still pretty frightening when harmonized with the dress.

Although some fashion designer shoe trends 2015 agrees prioritize comfort and simplicity, but the charm of high heels and stilettos will never abandoned his fans. Sexy and seductive impression to users of footwear models, it remains up in the thinking of fesyenista.

Not surprisingly, the designer Christian Louboutin shoes are characterized using a bright red sole shoes in every design it, issued a newfangled Mules high heels.

This time, Louboutin much playing with bright colors and abstract motifs. Mules chosen because the right type of shoe is not too high, so the convenience of users still remain a concern.

To satisfy the desire of the lover of high heels, Louboutin heels still produce in the form of a black classic combined with the red of the soles of shoes.

Display classic shoes Louboutin claim does look tempting. Not only play with the color black, he also took it with a prominent color such as beige and red, with ornately carved gold at the end of the shoe.

Besides Louboutin, do not miss the famous Manolo Blahnik stilettos with skilled makers launch two tone stiletto. Shoes homemade dominated blend two colors namely blue and dark with ribbon accents and laces.
Besides stiletto, Blahnik boot angkle latest issued by the bright pink color.

Are you interested to follow the fashion trend of 2015? Nothing wrong you try these 2015 trends that make you do not miss the latest fad or fashion and the best in 2015.

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