Sexy supermodel Christy Turlington in Vogue Paris

December 4th, 2012
 Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington

In the era of ’90an, Christy Turlington supermodel dubbed as one of the influential. Most recently, he was selected to adorn the fashion pages of Vogue Paris December 2012 issue. And he looks young and slim like a spinning unaffected. Click Next to see the beauty.

1. Supermodel

American model, dubbed supermodel Naomi Campbell in addition to Kate Moss or it could become an icon of the line of Calvin Klein from 1987 to 2007. He also has starred in advertising campaigns Maybelline Cosmetics and Versace.

2. Black & Leather

In the fashion pages of Vogue Paris with the theme of black and leather clothing, Christy featuring slim and fast. His hobby is doing yoga and healthy diet is the key to keep it young and proportional body shape.

3. The Body

In 1993, she posed nude for anti-fur campaign for PETA. The unique character and the body is made of W magazine in America devoted an edition of her entering the age of 40 years.

4. Mrs. Burns

He met with actor Edward Burns in 2000, but has decided to get married in 2003 after the split in 2002. The couple also had two children from their marriage, Grace and Finn.

5. Humanitarian

Not only posing and glamorous world affairs, this supermodel often involved in humanitarian activities, one of them with Every Mother Counts, a campaign world through music albums in order to save the mother who died in childbirth.

6. The Writer

In addition to experts in modeling the clothes, Christy is known as a model of intelligent and intellectual. He contributed much to write to the media and eventually published his own book entitled ‘Living Yoga: Creating A Life Practice’, a book that tells the Jivamukti Yoga practice.

7. The Picture