Sexy and Feminine with Levi’s Curve ID

June 22nd, 2012


Where do you often see people wearing jeans? Mall and campus might be the answer. Jeans is preferred because of the impression of casual, practical but also to show the impression feminine for the women who wear them.

However, jeans are not only appropriate use by young people or students. Various professions can still use it. However, you certainly do not want to look sloppy or not fitted with a pair of jeans that look leeway, too narrow or there is a gap at the waist. It will ruin your professional image. Instead, you need the right pair of jeans in order to look smart casual in a variety of activities.


To meet the needs of a variety of professions who want to look elegant and beautiful, offering LEVI’S ® LEVI’S ® CURVE ID that comes with 3 different types of fit. LEVI’S ® CURVE ID created 3 different types of pieces from the waist to the hips and buttocks that meet the needs of most women who want to look sexy and feminine with their jeans.

Slight Curve

By wearing it, you who have curves tend to straight will look sexy. If previously with other jeans wear your butt look flat and greatness in the groin, then by LEVI’S ® Slight Curve, it will be resolved. LEVI’S ® Slight Curve will accentuate the buttocks without noticeably narrower at the waist. As a result, it will make the body look curvy so that your body will look fuller and sexy.

Demi Curve

For those of you who are usually easy to find jeans that fit the body will be made increasingly look chic with LEVI’S ® DEMI CURVE. Not only will it make you comfortable with and fit on each piece, cut jeans LEVI’S ® DEMI CURVE will also accentuate the curve of the waist and hips are symmetrical and make legs look ladder. The results from LEVI’S ® will further enhance your curves are proportional.

Bold Curve

If you are a woman who has a specific curve of the body at the waist, hips and buttocks, difficulties commonly experienced when wearing jeans is a gap in the hips when sitting. This will be resolved by LEVI’S ® BOLD CURVE. Pieces are perfect at the waist makes no gap when you wear them.

The research proves that LEVI’S ® CURVE ID has been able to overcome the common problems faced by women when wearing jeans. Whatever problems you usually face when choosing jeans can be addressed by offering three types of fit LEVI’S ®.

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