Sex problems in the most commonly experienced

November 11th, 2014
sex problem

sex problem

Premature ejaculation until orgasm difficulty, into two problems that are often experienced by couples making love. Is it just  a problem that can be experienced partner in bed?  Generally, the issues on the bed can be overcome with good communication between couples sex without expert assistance.

Here are some of the most common sexual problems experienced by couples according to sex experts, as quoted from various sources:

sex problem 4

1. Passion Sex Differences

“The difference in sex drive be the most common problem I have encountered the usual. For female clients, two factors usually cause differences in sexual arousal with this partner. First, due to a physical problem that is pain during sex. Second, fatigue or stress is usually caused by a child or financial problems, “said Hurley Peg Dawson, sex expert from Massachusetts, USA. For the case because these two factors, how to handle it according to Peg with lifestyle changes. Another way is with a good communication between couples.

It is also disclosed Michael Aaron, PhD. “I have seen, in which one partner has a higher sex drive than their partner,” he said. The solution to overcome this depends on several factors. But first you need to know how long this passion differences occur and what circumstances are the cause. It is important to know because sometimes sexual problems are often caused due to problems in relationships such as the presence of anger, betrayal that need to be resolved. When the couple’s relationship has been repaired, any sex problems usually get better by itself.

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2. Have No Time for Sex

“The lack of time for sex is the most common problem that I hear during practice as psychotherapy. The couple love each other, but they do not have time for intimacy and sex in their busy lives,” says sex expert Cathy Beaton, MS, NCPsyA. Problem there is no time for sex, according to Cathy, a misperception. Sex is, in his view, is not a matter of time. Couples who feel that they have time to actually have sex emotional and physical sexual disorders are more complex such as lack of desire, erectile dysfunction, pain during sex, negative body image and premature ejaculation.

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3. Health Conditions

Sex expert Sharon L. Bober, PhD., Admitted often have clients who have sexual problems because of health conditions or medications that must be followed. “I often hear that there is a decrease, and sex is no longer as it used to. One of the most common problems is the decrease of their passion. They became very frustrated and his partner as well,” said the leader of the sexual health program at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, American.

Other sex expert, Richard A. Carroll, PhD., Said to overcome the problem of sex because of medical conditions this solution is communication. According to a lack of open communication is usually the cause of changes in the sex becomes heated issue. Therefore we need transparency on this issue so that both sides learned to understand each other without fear of rejection, feelings of failure or embarrassment.

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4. Erectile Dysfunction

Bruce Berman, PhD., See erectile dysfunction as the most common sexual issues encountered during practice as a sex expert. Erectile dysfunction is usually caused by medical problems and anxiety that makes him difficult to erect. To solve this problem, Berman will treat their clients by doing experiments as a couple of the clients. Both were asked to do exercises to help men feel touched physically connected to the partner without the pressure to engage in sexual activity.

That is some problem in sex that the solution can be solved if good communication between partners.

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