Several body shapes that would be a problem in a party

May 26th, 2015

Party dress has always been the most interesting thing to be discussed by us, the women! Party dresses with unique design would give us a more attractive appearance. In choosing a party dress, we should not forget one very important thing, namely the shape of the body. Sure! Whatever the party dress you use, would be a silly thing if it does not conform to the shape of our bodies. In this article we will look at some basic tips to choose a party dress that fits the body shape. Basically there are several classifications of body shape that are often to be a problem of the appearance. Some of these are “pear”, “apple”, “rectangle”, “and inverted triangle”.


Feel confused about choosing cute sweet 16 dresses for your parties? Pear shape has a characteristic that the upper body is smaller than the lower body. Suggested party dress for this body shape is puff sleeves dress. This dress will disguise the size of your hips. Apple shape is characterized by the body of a round or ball. Party dress which should be used for this body shape is flare dress with a V-shaped neckline, while rectangular shape has a characteristic like man’s body, and a party dress that should be used is a ruffles dress. This will create the impression of “plump” on your body. Inverted triangle shape has a characteristic opposite to the pear shape, and if you have a body shape like this, then you can use a dress that does not have a lot of accent on the shoulder. On this dress you do not need any more attention on the shoulder. Do not use bold colors and you should use pastel and soft colors. You could get good information in visiting red sweet 16 dresses of Weddingshe.


Choose a party dress that fits the body shape is sometimes quite difficult, but you do not need to complain because you can look a lot of party dresses on Internet that suit with your body shape. You can cute sweet 16 dresses and red sweet 16 dresses of gain wide insight about choosing your best party dress. Do the best in choosing your best one and you’d be a “star” on your next party!.

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