Secure your shoes with high heels

July 16th, 2012
high heels

high heels

Wearing high heels can cause various health problems such as back pain,
hunchback, pain in knee joints, blisters, and swelling on the thumb. This is because the entire weight of your body transferred approximately 30-100% of body weight pressed into your leg.

So if you want to use high heels this weekend, follow these simple tips:

1. Stretch
Reduce the risk of injury by stretching your muscles. Every morning and evening, make sure You stretch the calves, thighs, toes, and arch of the foot. Prepare yourself like going to work, and make sure your body is ready to use high heels.

2. Provide flat shoes
No need to wear your Louboutin shoes when marathon, make sure you bring flat shoes in the bag for use after partying.

3. Stepping slowly
Stepping and walking slowly will reduce the pressure on the legs and back, and
give time to others to admire your shoes are charming.

4. Understand your limitations
Make sure you choose high heels are more powerful so that you feel comfortable to stand without staggered. Every time you stumble, ankles and legs to hold that you do not fall. Also, no one who looks pretty when dropped off.

5. Do not come out with new shoes
If you must go out by wearing high heels or go into town, do not choose shoes
are still new. You should try it first so that your feet do not blister. Wear new shoes it’s at home, while traveling not too far away and a bit. Fill out your high heels tight with a ball made of newspaper to become more loose also help.

6. Use pantyhose
Remember that stockings of wool to make you more comfortable than a thin and shiny stockings.

7. Rest your feet
Hot legs with leg swelling. Rest a little while so that your feet become colder.
If your feet are swollen, not enough anymore to wear shoes and it will create a sense of pain and cramping.

8. Use pedestal
Try adding a booster gel like Insolia, designed to shift the burden
thereby reducing the pressure and pain.

9. Pamper feet
Pamper your hard-working feet by soaking in warm water when I got home.
Then use lotion on your feet and give gentle massage to the feet to relax. It is
serves to prevent leg cramps and make sure you are ready to undergo the routine on the day

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