Saturno Project: Interchangeable Outer Case Automatic Watch

September 7th, 2015

What makes each visit to exciting is simply because here we can find some of the best people with their revolutionary ideas and products. And the best thing is, we can contribute to their project by backing up their funding. In fact, that is what Kickstarter all about, to be the place for new kickstarters from all around the world in getting their amazing product and project crowd-funded by the fellow members who share the same interest and passion. And as a true fan of Kickstarter, recently I visited this amazing website as part of my daily routine and stumbled upon one project that really excites me so much, Saturno Project.


Saturno shows revolutionary way of people to get fresh new look with their watch. So instead of having only one appearance on the watch, Saturno have multiple options of interchangeable outer cases to which owners will be able to use different watch case whenever they wanted and get fresh new look on their wrist hand. We all know how watch is still being part of our daily fashion even though its function can be easily replaced by smartphone and other modern devices. While purchasing multiple wrist watches with different color and style to suit all your fashion preferences will surely cost you a fortune, Saturno offers the most cost-efficient solution to solve the problem much cheaper.

Saturno Project is presented by Michael Lee and Raymond Lee to Kickstarter community as part of their effort to get new backers and investors for the product to be mass manufactured in the future. Until today, the duo has produced several prototype of their products and provide it as gift or compensation for several loyal backers from Kickstarter Community. And if you’re a fan of wrist watch like myself, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this amazing project. You may just simply pre-order the watch with US$235-255 (MSRP US$440) at Kickstarter.

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