Reasons to Use Watches

July 15th, 2015

Alasan Menggunakan Jam Tangan

Besides being used for the timepiece, the watch also has various other functions for its users.

First, the need for time and function. By wearing a watch, you can more effectively and efficiently manage time without tough looking gadget from a pants pocket or purse.

Second, social status. It used to have a watch (hours pouch) reflect a person has a lot of affairs or a hectic schedule.

Gold or the best materials are used to ensure the presentation of a good time and a luxurious appearance. Even now, wearing a wristwatch will build your personality.

Fashion is a third reason. At the present time, modern society is so concerned about the appearance and fashion. Watches can be used as a supporting appearance with a unique model and current.

Apart from being a symbol of freedom, care will be fashion show how much we appreciate others.

The fourth is a lifestyle. Watches usually used and adapted to the event, clothing, and the specific reasons that can support a person’s appearance.

Fifth, as a tribute to the work of art. Not a few hours were made with complexity and detail was perfect. Not surprisingly, the clock is usually sold as a work of art is limited to a very expensive price.

Imagine the complexity and size of the wheels and micro-sized components few millimeters or less, perfect akuransi construction can only ascertain hour run well and only Maestro who can do it.

For the collector, the collection of watches as precious as a valuable collection of art works such as paintings, works of art, and for the watches, you can even enjoy it in the wrist along with special functions.

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