Pants that can protect women from rape

November 11th, 2013
AR Wear

AR Wear

Rape is a crime of the most feared woman . There is no woman who wants to be raped . All means do so rape does not happen . One way you can do is wear tight pants ‘ magic’ .

Every woman has the right to protect his body . It is quite understandable by AR Wear . AR Wear is a small organization that designs clothing to prevent the commission of rape on women . This is the result of AR Wear design that is expected to protect women from sexual crimes .

AR Wear protective introduce tights designed specifically to protect the woman’s intimate area . These tights at first glance seems normal, like tights for sports . But there is a special design that makes AR Wear tights are not easily opened , except by the wearer .

Wear tights AR has a special key that can only be opened by a woman . The pants also have a rubber that can not be cut or cut with a knife . You can see in the video above , the pants can not be pulled down , can not be cut and will protect an intimate part of a woman’s rape attacks .

in a miraculous way , these tights are very comfortable to use . Women can wear pants like pants or tights under pants or a dress . The project is still growing before the product is marketed protective pants .

Many people are interested in that AR Wear products immediately launch , seen from the money collected for this project smooth . We’ll see, hopefully AR Wear pants made ??soon marketed around the world that women feel more secure .

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