Often the reason Hair Loss And How To Overcome It

May 23rd, 2015

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Hair is one of the main supporting performances. If you see a variety of shampoo ad with models thick and healthy hair, you definitely jealous, right? Thick hair is one indicator of beauty and experience hair loss certainly be disastrous for women.

But it is actually fair hair loss, because the hair can fall out about 50-100 strands per day. If more than that, you just need to be checked.

There are several main reasons why you are experiencing hair loss, the reasons are :

1. Genetic.
There are some people indeed have less hair on the head because of a genetic condition or a derivative. In a sense, there are women who are born with thick hair and beautiful, some are born with thin hair and sparse.

The fix: You can try a variety of treatments thicken and nourish hair. Although naturally you do not have a lot of hair and often suffer loss, but nourish hair regularly can reduce the severity of hair loss.

2. Hormonal changes.
Women more often experience hormonal changes, while puberty, during menstruation, when using birth control pills, during pregnancy, after childbirth and even during menopause. It also affects the growth of hair on the head.

The fix: You can ask your doctor’s advice if it really badly, and the doctor may prescribe medication to stop hair loss. But if hair loss occurs not only severe, you simply eat a lot of healthy food to nourish the hair.

3. Too loud hair tie.
Like hair tie? Should not be too tight. Not only can pull the hair from the root, which is exacerbated by hair loss, but also makes the headache or dizziness. Preferably outlets and if you want to bind the hair, wear hair clips only or use a hair band that is not too tight.

4. Lack of iron and vitamin D
Nutrition is not only needed by the body, but also for the growth of your hair. Foods rich in iron and vitamin D most needed, not only for blood, but also to strengthen the trunk and roots.

5. Treatment.
If you are undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy or other treatments, is likely to experience a fallen hair. Chemical effects of drugs will affect hair growth and weaken the few cells in the scalp.

After treatment, the immune system and certain cells regulating hair growth will improve itself. Too frequent hair styling is also bad for the hair because it can lead to damaged hair and brittle, consequently, fractures and hair loss.

So, try to avoid some of the above causes and try to consume foods rich in nutrients for the hair loss is not getting worse yes.

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