More tips for Beard Fine

August 17th, 2015

Tips agar Janggut Lebih Halus

Some men have no beards, and are happy to maintain it. Then, how to make your beard softer?

As well as beard hair also needs to be taken care of cleanliness and moisture.

Here are some things that need to be done to make your beard becomes softer, as follows:

  • Shampoo
    In contrast to the hair, beard shampoo as you also need one treatment. You can buy a shampoo that is specifically used for the beard. After washing with shampoo, immediately rinse thoroughly in order to prevent skin irritation.
  • Conditioner
    Not only hair that require conditioner, but the beard also need a conditioner to make it smooth.

  • Mask
    You can make a mask with natural ingredients. Way, take one tablespoon of olive oil, coconut oil, milk and almond oil, then toss well. Apply to the beard and massage, then rinse after 30 minutes.
  • Orange
    Grate the orange peel, then mix with a few tablespoons of milk. Apply to the beard and rinse after 30 minutes.
  • Clear
    Your beard should be cleaned of dirt and bacteria. Therefore, make sure to clean up when it arrived at the house.
  • Moisturizers
    Use a moisturizer to the skin before shaving. Use warm water to soften the skin and began to shave.

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