Model selection Bags for Women

April 10th, 2012
tote bag model

tote bag model

The many types and models of new women’s handbags, make you confused to choose which is more precise and better. However, there are several options that you must have handbags as your fashion collection and complement.

Tote Bag Model

Bag model is suitable for you who want to carry a lot of stuff in the bag, tote models are the best choice. This bag will fit and perfect for those who are tall. As for women who are short, you can choose a tote bag with extending the model to make it look harmonious.

Clutch Bag Model

Clutch bag models suitable for use for parties or dinner parties. This bag will make you look slimmer and chic.

Satchel Bag Model

Models satchel bag is suitable for your woman in an office or a career woman. Generally made from leather satchel bag and suitable for formal and official. With a strap that can be adjusted and able to carry a diary.

Sling Bag Model

This bag is the most suitable bag model combined with the casual style and casual wear. This bag has a large selection of colors and
This bag is very comfortable and light to carry anywhere.

How to Choose Hand Bags

Here are things to consider when buying a handbag

1. Durability
No matter what your budget, make sure the bag according to the value you pay. Carefully check the bag material, stitching up the zipper. If you see signs of wear, tear, or stain, do not expect the bag will be durable.

2. Size
Size is very important. Make sure you choose a bag that can hold your favorite things ‘must carry’. It is no less important is to adjust the size of the bag with the event approached. For a safer option, Johnson recommends buying a rope bag sized side can be removed. So, during the day it could be a briefcase and evening can be a party bag.

3. Color
Always consider the color of your clothing collection mostly when buying handbags. If you already have a black handbag, you can choose bright colors such as handbag white. Then, for those who have a lot of plain clothes, add just a collection of patterned bag that does not look boring.

4. Easy to carry
Make sure your handbag is easy and comfortable to carry. To note the handle and the strings. Do not hesitate to try to bag many times before buying, for the sake of knowing.

5. Style
Each year there are trends handbags are very tempting. However, it would be better if you choose a handbag with a rather high price, quality and of course the classic cut. It would be much better in terms of ‘investment’ style.

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