Mistakes Wearing Make-up And Lifestyle

September 18th, 2015

Kesalahan Memakai Make-up Dan Lifestyle

Aging, of course, occur due to a variety of factors, particularly the influence of age. Collagen production begins to decline and the skin tends to become dehydrated. However, what if your aging when you have not reached the age of 30? As previously mentioned, there are several factors that can make the skin aging, such as lifestyle, diet, and skincare used! Therefore, it is important for you to recognize what makes the skin more prone to aging.

Revealing some of the factors that make your skin premature aging. Come on, be listened to!

1. Wear heavy foundation
Often, wrinkles, spots stains, and various other facial problems covered by the application of foundation. Unfortunately, the foundation that excessive consumption is not good for skin rejuvenation. Recommends that you should be more megutamakan skin care by maximizing the use of anti-aging skincare products to hydrate the skin well.

Thus the skin health will be improved and will look flawless without rubbing heavy foundation. According to him, the point of the aging face should be covered by applying concealer alone, because it makes the skin look younger and radiant.

2. Consumption of excessive carbohydrates
That consumption of high carbohydrate foods also contribute to premature aging. Because the high carbohydrate foods contain more sugar which causes the blood sugar and insulin rise dramatically. These conditions lead to inflammation of the skin.

As a consequence, the skin will release important skin proteins such as collagen to fight free radicals. The more collagen which is released, the skin will be more prone to wrinkling. Therefore, keep your consumption of carbohydrates and sugar in balance.

3. Use of the wrong color eyeliner
Apparently, one can also choose the color eyeliner to make your beautiful face look older. You should avoid the use of black eyeliner with new color as this will make the skin look very contrasting color. In fact, eyeliner with black color will also further reinforce the wrinkles in the eye area.
Instead, choose the color of brown eyeliner can emphasize the eyes without making the surrounding skin visible contrast.

4. Excessive facial cleaning
Cleaning your face with harsh cleansers, scrubs, or a variety of other chemical products exfoliate the skin it could be a disaster on your skin rejuvenation. According to Dr. beauty, you should clean the face of dust, pollutants, makeup and excess oil just two times every day.

In addition, be careful in choosing the type of cleansing products. Cleansing with an active ingredient that is too strong will remove natural oil content that makes it so easy face dry and wrinkled.

5. Not pay attention to the display eyebrows
When the color of your eyebrows start to fade, make sure you apply modern techniques to make re-appear ‘thick’. Using an eyebrow pencil, you should use a brow powder that is capable of closing any loopholes eyebrow color fading. By doing so, you will successfully create the illusion of a beautiful volume on the eyebrows.

6. Weak in controlling stress
According to beauty expert, high levels of stress and lack of sleep will make the hormone cortisol go up for days. No kidding, the skin can be affected by premature aging.

Actually, there are many things you can do to cope with stress. Starting from the consumption of healthy foods and exercising more regularly. Another important thing is try to remain relaxed in the face of life’s problems. You can help your body and mind back relax with aromatherapy, massage, or bathe with soap that has a calming aroma.

Soap gel product is capable of producing abundant foam without making the skin dry. Body wash is enriched with honey, ginseng, and ekastrak bran that make skin moist, smooth and supple. Aromatherapy naturally emitted will make up your mind to be more fresh and stress will be lessened.

7. Consumption of fat ‘good’
Foodstuffs with monounsaturated fats such as olive oil contains polyphenolic antioxidants are good for the skin.

Therefore, strongly encourage you to eat foods that are rich in good fats such as nuts, olive oil, fish, coconut oil, including organic animal fats. All this will contribute to maintaining firmness and beauty of the skin. However, avoid fat product of sunflower seed oil, corn, and soybeans because it can lead to inflammation of the skin effect.

8. Frequency wearing false eyelashes
Who the hell, who are not keen to make eyelashes become more slender? No wonder if you even so often use false eyelashes. However, according to this custom Florrie it should begin to be changed.

Busy than wear false eyelashes, is advocating for melentikkan eyes with eyelash curler and mascara use. Eyelash curler is specially designed to reach every strand of lashes up to the base to make it look more slender lifted. In one package, available 1 refill pads that can be used if the old bearing eyelashes have been soiled.

9. Wearing skincare with excessive nutrients
There is an assumption that the higher the nutritional content of a moisturizer and cleanser, then the better it will be for the skin condition. Patients who come to the clinic it is often experienced problems dermatitis to skin breakouts due to use skincare products with excessive nutrients.

According to him, the nutritional needs everyone’s skin is different. Therefore, before deciding to use a particular product, make sure to consult with a dermatologist. Medics will recommend the best product for your skin condition.

10. One wore dark shade lipstick
Gothic indeed sometimes appear more attractive. However, a mistake choosing shade turns dark lipstick will make your lips look so much thinner. If indeed you want to be different with a darker shade, try to pick a berry or plum tones.

You could try using Creamy Lipstick Lust of MAKEOVER who have raisin plum shade. Lipstick color that this one has a more solid and more matte texture that gives a more intense color on the lips. Ingredients Jojoba oil in it is also a very effective way to protect the lips from cracking which makes the display.

Nothing wrong if you start now to change some style make-up and lifestyle are more okay for the skins. If instead you are concerned with the youthfulness of the skin early on, who else?

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