Michelle Obama’s dress wins Election emulated Direct

November 22nd, 2012
Michelle Obama dress
Many women who want to look impressive in every event.Most of the time wasted on thinking about what clothes will be used to attend a wedding or party.Many women dress style that imitates a world famous artist and now Michelle Obama has become a source of inspiration for many women dress style in America. Style of dress neat and elegant in great demand and attract a lot of attention. In a survey reported by the Daily Mail, 9 out of 10 women said Michelle Obama who become their source of fashion inspiration.

Michelle managed to beat Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham which are second and third in the preferred fashion figures. Two other women, Carol Vorderman and Karren Brady the next position, which is known for its dresses and heels of his shoes.

Fifth woman seems to understand well the types of clothing that should be worn in a variety of events. A survey revealed that 41-year-old woman spent thinking what clothes can be used in order to impress and look perfect.

66% of them want dress form that can balance between feminine appeal and practicality. A third more women want a long dress that body shape can look taller and shaped.

To answer the needs of fashion, George brand director Fiona Lambert from Asda launches’ dresses impress “as part of MODA collection that can be used by professional women are active at all times. Dress Impress also you can use when going to a party. Dress inspired by Michelle victory at a general election that you can buy at a price of 20 pounds.

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