Look Stylish and Comfort During Pregnancy

April 5th, 2013
look stylish during prregnancy

look stylish during prregnancy

Pregnancy period is certainly the most enjoyable period for mothers in this world. the longer it will change the shape of the body to be more obese than ever, this time many women are confused fashion that will be used. Clothing for pregnant women should be comfortable to wear and made that absorbs sweat. As a mother who is celebrating pregnancy, no one wore clothes that accentuate her body began to swell. However, convenience should not be forgotten.

If you want to always look stylish during pregnancy, here are some rules of dress that prioritizes comfort:

1. The first trimester of pregnancy is a tough time for mothers.

During this priority comfortable clothing. Nausea and vomiting in the morning, quickly tired, weight gain was increased in some areas. This is not the time to wear tight-paced and accentuate curves. Loose dress with a loose straight cut is certainly more convenient. Peplum dress with ruffle dangling in the upper abdomen will also be able to hide your pregnancy.

2. In the next trimester

During this time the body will be getting bigger, avoid clothing with layered pieces in the abdominal area. Peplum Cutting no longer appropriate wear on stage. You can wear a maxi dress with the addition of a jacket or cardigan will be able to offset the stomach is starting to look prominent. Wear overalls dress with empire waist cutting, where the waist line under the breast.

3. Highlight other areas of the body.

If you don’t want to accentuate your pregnancy, try to divert their attention to other areas. For example wearing a striking accessory on the chest area (necklace or brooch), wear a sexy strappy shoes. The dress is loose but straight-cut (not maternity clothes in general) can still help.

4. boyfriend look, why not?.

for those of you who don’t really like the feminine style, this style could be tried. wear a loose shirt mate mix with leggings that are not too tight or maternity bootcut jeans with pieces on the bottom. Add a necklace that “excited”, as well as complementary sneakers or boots.

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