Leave This Fashion in 2017

January 3rd, 2017

The years passed so did the fashion trends also keep changing. If you always want to look trendy, it is an obligation to follow the trend. Fashion trends are always changing, it is not surprising that loved fashion items in 2016, it needs to be abandoned in 2017.

Fashion items will no longer be a trend in 2017 :

1. White Sneakers 

White Sneakers
This white sneakers very loved, but unfortunately the era of white sneakers will probably end in 2017. The trend in 2017 will be the sneakers with unique embroidery that adds to the typical every wearer.

2. The dress sweet and romantic

This dress is very loved in 2016, but may be abandoned in the future. Flare-cut dress will be replaced with a piece firmer as asymmetrical.

3. High heels

Rights super high more than 10 centimeters had become a trend, but now she prefers a more comfortable footwear. Shoes with a lower right can make the wearer look fashionable.

4. Jeans

Fashion jeans will change in 2017 intersected skinny jeans with stretch material may be becoming obsolete. Instead, the trend of jeans with a vintage silhouette will probably return trendy.

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