La Bichette for Professional Blowouts and Hair Do in Dallas

January 30th, 2014

La Bichette is a professional beauty salon where you can ask them for excellent hair do and make up solutions. Whether you want to attend a party or monthly girls’ night out with friends or colleagues, La Bichette is the best place you can go to get beautiful look. La Bichette is located in Dallas and dedicated all their services and beauty solutions for people in the area.

There are many service plans available at La Bichette, starting from face makeup, hair do, hair masque, and many more. The price is also affordable and quite friendly, so that you don’t have to spend much for all their services. And if your little princess is need some help with her make up or appearance, La Bichette will always be there to provide you help on that. For little mademoiselle at 10 year or under, the price is as low as $28.

And aside of the professional blowouts and make up services they provided, La Bichette has incredible atelier with feminine and elegant interior. As you entered their salon, you’ll immediately fall in love to the place. Many had tried La Bichette and most of them really comfortable to spend some time in it. Plus, their services are really professional and high class, so you will get the best make up solutions to make you out-stand the crowd, especially at the party.

If you managed to invite 3 or more friends to La Bichette for blowouts, you can make good savings by considering applying one of their service packages. For 3 blowouts, you only have to pay $115 and save $5 at once. The more friends you bring, the more you can save on the price. For more information about the packages and prices they offered, you can simply visit their official website at

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