Indonesian Batik worldwide

August 17th, 2012


Batik with all its dazzling beauty has long complexion anyone who saw it. I can not Admittedly, batik has become a role model and bring Indonesia characteristics become better known around the world.

Judging from history, the emergence of batik has been around since the time of the kingdom first in Indonesia, where the first group of batik is an art or craft images on fabric for clothing that becomes one of the ancient culture of the royal family, particularly in Java.

Batik is becoming increasingly popular as mother’s batik U.S. President Barack Obama living in Jakarta, be a collection at the Textile Museum Washington. The exhibition titled “A lady found culture in its Cloth: Barack Obama’s mothers and Indonesian batiks” provide knowledge to visitors on the other side of the life of Ann Dunham, the mother of U.S. president-44’s as well as an anthropologist .

A designer batik, Nusjirwan Tirtaamidjaja, or better known as Iwan Tirta has brought the name of Indonesia to the eyes of the world. The works of batik liked and have been worn by several heads of state such as Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Sophie of Spain, Queen Juliana of the Netherland, and even Bill Clinton.

In America Indonesian batik exhibition titled Batik: World Heritage Embassy in Washington. The event was attended by dozens of invited guests, including American citizens who want to know more batik. The exhibition, featuring approximately 60 batik fabrics from various parts of Indonesia, such as Solo, Cirebon, Pontianak, and others.

Claire Wolfowitz, wife American officials, Paul Wolfowitz, also attended the launch exhibition. He called batik as an art that is beautiful, especially the manufacturing process is not easy, so it should be more valued and appreciated. Moreover, it takes a lot of time and expertise to make it. Batik is a work of art, not just textiles.

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