How To Plan Your Wedding

February 17th, 2014

In order to have a truly heavenly experience on your wedding day, a little bit of personalizing goes a long way. Paying attention to theme, color scheme, dress, stage decoration, flowers, food and wine can make the event perfect.

Tips On How To Plan Your Wedding

  • Begin with jotting down ideas with inputs from your partner to get a fair idea about number of guest expected, venue choices, and theme and color preferences before going into finer details. This can roughly give an idea about what results are to be achieved as well as budget. Collect information on various aspects from the Internet to shape up plans.
  • Depending upon whether the event is to be held indoor or outdoor, decide on the kind of decoration. A natural setting adds a lot of impact and an opportunity for guests to socialize; even the backyard of your home can be transformed to the best wedding venue possible.
  • No wedding is complete without flowers; keep it simple and natural with a color that goes with the theme.  If it’s a night wedding, then lighting can add mood to the setting.
  • Keep the seating arrangement easy to maneuver and for people to get a proper view of the happenings. It needs to be well laid out for guests and kids to walk around.
  • Arrange a good photographer to capture these special moments well. While friends and family can try their hand at covering your wedding, it is good to get a professional to do it so that you do not miss taking pictures with special people on your special day.
  • Apart from venue and décor theme, the other important aspect of your wedding is the food. It’s the most talked about aspect of any wedding and you do not want to get it wrong. Get the best caterer to arrange for your wedding spread. Get some feedback from friends and family before choosing the right person. They take care of presentation and buffet arrangement even in an outdoor location.
  • Once these major arrangements are taken care off, take time out to design your wedding invitation. If there is a theme, choose a design that goes with it. While there are so many different options to invite your guests, make it as personal and warm as possible without spending a lot of money. Invitation cards are not going to last forever, try innovative ways to make an impact on your guests for them to remember your important day.
  • Now work on your personal requirements. You need to look your best on your wedding day. Running around getting things in place for the event must not tire your and affect your appearance. Take time out with your partner to enjoy the process and pamper yourself with some simple beauty treatments. Visit designers to choose your wedding dress, you may have to visit a different ones before getting the dress of your dreams, but something truly worth the effort.
  • Shop for your wedding ring!  It is a good idea to shop with your partner; you can either go for identical rings or at least be sure that you have got the right one for your beloved.

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