How to Comb

July 23rd, 2015

Cara Sisir Rambut

Have a beautiful and healthy hair is the desire of every woman. But you know if all of it derived from simple things, such as combing hair.

Combing the hair can not be underestimated. Because the activity is the same as the cleaning comb the hair. When done correctly, this step can clean the scalp and hair of dirt. It can also stimulate blood circulation and oil glands.

Then, how to comb my hair right? As follows his review :

  • When you are in a state of tangled hair, apply serum first to make the hair becomes softer. Then, comb gently using a comb or fingers of your hand.
  • Comb sometimes too harsh for your hair. Therefore, you can minimize the damage to the hair using your fingers to comb it.

  • Is it wrong combing wet hair? Of course, yes. Better to wait until your hair is dry for a few minutes, then comb.
    Select a comb with teeth distance distant or detached. Combing hair comb from top to bottom. Do it slowly on your hair.
  • Never sleep in a state of wet hair. Because it can make your hair prone to breakage.
  • Common ways used by each woman while drying hair with a towel. However, if you are careless, this process can make the hair becomes frizzy and subsequently can cause excessive damage. Dry slowly, but do not rub.
  • Avoid tying the hair too tight because it can also cause damage.

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