Here Color Blonde Appropriate Skin

January 6th, 2016

Berikut Warna Pirang yang Sesuai Kulit

HAIR blond or blonde always be an option in hair coloring. But be careful, lest you either select a color. Choose a blonde color that matches the color of your skin, in order to display the maximum self. The following description of the recommended blonde color matches the color of the skin, such as the following:

  • Fair skin
    For those of you who have white skin color tends to pale porcelain for example like Gwen Stefani. Then the platinum blonde color so the right choice. According to the professional colorist, Rita Hazan. The reason platinum blonde color suitable for white porcelain, because the shades of two colors are adjacent.
  • Medium
    Golden ombre could be a suitable alternative for you with medium colored skin alias in the middle. Not pale white but not too dark. To get this color, ask the expert coloring to add a wide variety of tones of honey highlights in the middle of the hair, with the upper side of the head were soft brown base color and color light again at the lower end of the hair.

  • Dark skin
    You have dark skin color? Then the buttery blonde color may be a great choice. Shades of buttery blonde color will perform optimally when fused with dark skin color. When dyeing hair, ask your colorist to provide highlights of cream and butter.

Hope can be your recommendations in coloring your hair.

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