Guide to Choosing the Appropriate Clothing Materials Body Shape

July 26th, 2016

Guide to Choosing the Appropriate Clothing Materials Body Shape

ADJUST fashion model body shape is the key looks attractive appearance. However, adjusting clothing materials to the body shape will further improve one’s appearance. So, if the right material worn on your body? Let’s find out here, as follows:

  • The hourglass body shape is characterized by a small waist and chest, as well as wide hips. Choose clothes that fit the material worn on the body and accentuate the curve of your body, such as satin, silk blend, cotton, spandex and jersey material. Avoid wool and boxy.
  • Pear pear body shape is characterized by a small part of the shoulder, as well as the shape of the waist and thighs wide. Materials suitable for your body shape is chiffon, polyester and viscose blend, and georgettes. Avoid using clothing materials sequins or shiny, and are attached to the body because it makes the bum look big.
  • Apple With the upper body and larger abdomen, physique requires material and loose fitting clothing. Has the form of arms and legs are thin, tight cloth material will make the body looks so heavy. So choose wool blend fabrics, cotton, or knitting. Then, avoid spandex, satin, and chiffon. Petite body shape petite or small body appeared to offer an advantage. Yes, women with this body can impose any kind of clothing materials. For example, linen, cotton, wool crepes, and spandex.

Avoid clothing materials or large cloth because it makes your body look small. Body body shape sized sized characterized by shape of the breast and buttocks were great. Therefore, they are advised to wear clothing with material that can cover the protruding area. For example, cotton, linen, nylon, and soft knitted material. Avoid fabrics that can be attached to the body, because it would make the body look bigger.

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