Gucci and Christian Dior Fabric Using Native Indonesia As the material The default

September 14th, 2012
gucci collection

gucci collection

Gucci turns using woven native Indonesia as its feedstock. Weaving Indonesia has been trusted by the international market. Weaving Indonesia is considered very valuable as handmade. That’s what makes an international brand like Gucci to cooperate with weaving in Indonesia.

However, it is unfortunate that the domestic market enthusiasm alone against traditional weaving still low. Formerly batik too. But now, batik production has grown very rapidly.

And now two international fashion houses, Gucci and Christian Dior have used weaving Indonesia for use in their products. Weaving is the work of a cloth made with thread and put in the feed on a device called the warp. And still looms divided into songket, which is woven with gold or silver thread, then there belt, double belt, and feed.

Surely people of Indonesia are proud to see the original fabric of almighty Indonesia is rich in craftsmanship this appeared on the international runway designers from Milan, Paris, and now London. In the Spring of 2010 fashion week, Frida Gianini of Gucci fashion house issued a collection of Tribal themed cocktail using Bind (woven and woven motifs typical of Indonesia, especially Sumbawa).

Burberry Spring collection was issued in 2012 which also uses Ikat charming. Combined with comfortable fabrics, making the Burberry look very distinctive.

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