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April 6th, 2015

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You certainly know that the hat is a complementary accessories that have a very classic clothing for use by various nations around the world. Hat is a multifunctional accessory that in ancient times is very often used in state ceremonies, religious, security, up to the fashion business.

In the current era, the hat became accessories men and women are so popular and highly developed. People who wear a hat is also likely to be classified in the group of people who expressive for daring to show his personal tastes or small picture.

Yes, the culture of this unique use of accessories is growing so rapidly that no doubt if some countries have unique hats of their own version.

What are the unique hat that characterizes a particular country? Let us refer to the following pull information:

1. Berets

Well, kind of accessories that one is certainly no stranger because in Indonesia because you can see the look of this thing on a soldier. In France, the beret is key in terms of culture. Beret will look impressive when used by foreign tourists who come to visit.

2. Akubra

The shape of this one glance accessories will be very similar to the shape of a cowboy hat who often appeared on the screen. However, the cap is actually more common for use by tribal Australian continent. The original Akubra hat has a waterproof coating and very comfortable to wear in the sun.

3. Fez

Hat with the bottom surface of the ellipse-shaped and continue to shape this towering usually associated with Middle Eastern culture. In Indonesia alone, this Fez hat will have a close look at kopyah.

4. Sombrero

Unique cap origin Mexico this one might not be too alien your ears, is not it? Yes, typical Mexican unique accessories often add beauty man when wearing it, especially for those who mustache. Hat this one will also look more fitting when worn with a suit of Mexican-style setting.

Well kind of unique hats Which roughly matched to complement your appearance? If you are a collector of hats with different shapes and models, one of the four above accessories can you hurry to be used as a complementary collection of unique hats at home. Do not forget to take pictures when wearing it, yes! Hopefully the above information useful for you.

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