Getting Prepared for The Next Summer

August 9th, 2015



Even though it is the early of the year, but it feels that we cannot wait for summer and wear the fashionable summer clothes. Let’s take a look that the key look of the trendy summer 2015 fashion style. The era of ‘70s is the inspiration of many designers for summer 2015. We can choose between ‘70s bohemian and sophisticated style. High wasted pants, light dress, and blouse can be the perfect choices.

The sophisticated ‘70s looks includes wide legged pants, flaring pants with small belt, neat blouse with bow, rolled neck shirt, hot pants, jumpsuit. Those clothes choices are suitable for day even, while for evening event, we can choose sheen fabric like silk, ruffled blouse combined with blazer and low neck dress.

If we have dealt with army clothes and accessories, this year we move on to biker’s style. We can wear biker’s style accessories and shirt. For us who are having feminine character, then we can choose the feminine ‘60s cutting. Hourglass dress, hip hugging dress, full circle shirt with light fabric will be the favorite. Another theme that will be a favorite during summer 2015 is punk fashion. Ripen stocking, leather, studs; boots are the best choice this summer.

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