Finding Plus-Size Women’s Clothes in the Sales

December 25th, 2014

Jeans clothes are always on the top selling position for the late several years. Jeans becomes so important fashion option over decades, it seems to be the mandatory fashion apparel for millions people around the world. The great influence of jeans on world’s fashion is proven when Oprah use one of shows to talk about jeans.

And the trendiest type of jeans nowadays is definitely skinny jeans. All top celebrities and socialite wearing this jeans types and it becomes a phenomenon in fashion just like cut bray pants during 80s. Unfortunately, many people think that skinny jeans are only made for skinny women or those who have model shape, but actually this jeans type is made for all women, including plus size women. Plus size women and fashion experts don’t feel that skinny jeans fit plus size women perfectly, but in this article, I will try to prove the contrary. Skinny jeans also a perfect as plus size clothes for women, because even though skinny jeans are identical with long legs, but actually plus-size skinny jeans can make size 16 women look so fabulous.

The key to wear skinny jeans for women is about balancing the body size by serving a visual trick. There are two ways that can help curvy women to look so hot with skinny jeans: coloring and washing effect. One of the best key to trick the vision and make plus size women still look adorable and attractive with skinny jeans is by choosing the perfect coloring. Of course, darker color makes the legs look slimmer, but don’t get it wrong because not all plus size women are having big legs, some of them are having big tight.

For women with big tights, wearing dark colored skinny jeans like black skinny jeans won’t help and will only make the tight bigger. These women need lighter skinny jeans color and dark top. It will balance the body shape up. If women with plus size don’t feel so confidence wearing light colored tight jeans, then washed off skinny jeans can be the perfect skinny jeans. Therefore, we need to be sure to learn the body shape first before we buy skinny jeans for women. By knowing our shape, this will ease us in finding the perfect jeans and clothes in order to get the appearance we wanted.

Many people think that if skinny jeans worn by curvy women it could be a fashion disaster. Little did they know, this can be so trendy even for women that have less than 5’5” height and have plus size if they are wearing high heels or stilettos. High heels will make the legs look longer and sexier. People will no longer pay their full attention to the skinny jeans. However they will pay bigger attention to the sexy stiletto and women with plus size body can look really hot with these shoes and pants combined. Check on your stiletto collection and combine it with the sexy old navy or white skinny jeans. Even women over 40 can look so stylish with this combination.

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